Tuesday, August 12, 2014

{Guest Blogger} - - #NSALE

Hi ladies! I will get back to regular scheduled posting shorty - but lately I've been getting in all the snuggles I can. 

In the meantime, my MOH/BFF Katie who blogs over at Statutes & Stilettos has taken over my blog for the day. This lady is a Kate Spade-aholic and has a closet to die for. Currently her page is under construction as she has someone working on redesigning it - but coming Fall 2014 she will be back in the game! 


Hi all! My bestie is away lovin’ on her new babe, Kingston Christopher, so while she’s away I’m guest posting! My name is Katie, and I blog over at Statutes & Stilettos! Not going lie, I’m a bit of a shop-a-holic, so you will mostly find me blogging about shopping, sales, style, and beauty. However, I like to sprinkle in some exercise, recipes, and lifestyle tips, so I hope you’ll join me on my journey! (I’ll warn you, however, that I’m currently working on a revamp of my blog, so forgive me for a lack of activity right now!)

This summer I have been studying for the Bar Exam, but there was no way it was going to keep me from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! In fact, I thought it was the perfect excuse to take a break from studying the day before the Exam and do some relaxation. Let me share with you some of my favorite finds:

My trip was off to a great start upon walking through the glass doors:

So naturally I began with shoes and found more than my wallet could afford. Here are a couple pairs I just adored (I have fall envy right now):

Next, I traipsed on over to the accessories section. In addition to shoes, I have a deep love for handbags and jewelry:

Then, there’s the beauty section. I’ve been dying to try a Clarisonic and this adorable print is on sale. Anyone try one? Have one? Thoughts?

Next, clothes. I studied abroad in England 5 years ago and fell in love with Topshop. To discover that Nordstrom has an entire Topshop line…oh boy!

However, Topshop wasn’t exactly on sale, so I kept my focus. An entire round-rack of maxi dresses for $38?! Whaaaat?!

Last, but not least: Home Goods.

I’m currently experiencing “home-owner envy” so I like to pick up little trinkets along the way like these adorable polka dot measuring cups. (I also have a thing for polka dots.)

So what did I walk away with? (Besides the cute measuring cups that is.)

(Yes both items are Kate Spade, yes I’m obsessed!)

I hope you enjoyed a few of my #nsale finds. Grateful for the opportunity to guest post on Crafting a Fairytale! Hope you’ll join me on Twitter, Instagram, and the Blogosphere :)



  1. Aww, what a little sweetheart! Congratulations. Oh your guest post makes me want to go shopping! Haha, and I'm not one for actual shopping. I hope your having a great day!

  2. Great post! Loooooove the purchases you grabbed up!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!😍

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